Loans against assets

We offer you flexible and affordable loans against securities - stocks, mutual funds, bonds and even gold.

How It Works

Step 1: Check Credit Limit

Get an estimate of the loan amount you are eligible for based on the value of your portfolio.

Step 2: Pledge Your Assets

Pledge your assets as collateral against the loan amount you wish to borrow.

Step 3: Instant KYC

Verify your credentials in a completely paperless process.

Step 4: Receive Funds

Withdraw & repay as per your requirement.

Most people are not using their financial assets in their borrowing decisions.

Lower interest rates

Pledging your assets make it less risky for the lender, and hence it results in lower interest rates and better terms for you.

No credit score needed

Given that your loan is backed by the asset you pledge, you can borrow even with low credit score.

Tax Benefits

Instead of selling your assets to fulfil needs, by holding them longer LTCG tax is applied which is lower.

Higher appreciation

Most portfolio return is concentrated in a few days, and pledging your assets instead of selling allows you to stay exposed, giving higher returns.

Instant Funds

For emergency needs, instant disbursed loans are better than selling your assets which can take time to be liquidated.

Flexible fund utilization

You get a credit line against your assets, and can flexibly use the money upto the credit limit, paying interest only on the utilized funds.

Use the calculator below to compare LAS with a personal loan and selling your assets.

You want a loan of

10 lacs

You have stocks worth

10 lacs

You expect your stock portfolio to grow at

10 % every year

Your bank offers you a personal loan at an interest of

10 % every year

Let's analyze your options with a timeline

1 years

You sell your assets Icon
You take a personal loan Icon
You pledge your assets and take loan from Lambda. Icon
Initial Portfolio Value
Loan Taken
Interest Paid
Final Portfolio Value
Effective Return

You can refer to our blog for more information on how to use the tool. You can also click on the info buttons to understand how the calculator works.


General Questions

What is loan against assets?

You can borrow money from a lender, by putting your financial assets as collateral - stocks, mutual funds, bonds and gold. The lender will hold the asset until the loan is repaid in full. If you default on the loan, the lender can sell the asset to recover the loan amount. The interest rates on these loans are lower than personal loans, as the lender has the security of the asset.

What are the conditions to avail this loan?

The great thing about such loans are that they are overcollaterised - you wouldnt get a loan amount more than the amount of your assets. Hence, as the lender can sell the asset in case of any default, there is no CIBIL score requirement for such loans. We only expect that your assets are in a digital form ( for eg mutual funds on Zerodha).

Does that mean loan against assets are always better?

It depends on your financial situation. You can use our Calculator to decide whether to go for loan against assets or not.

Loan Against Mutual Funds

How can I apply for a loan against mutual funds?

You can apply for a loan against mutual funds by providing your mutual fund units as collateral to us. You can login with your phone number and PAN, allowing us to fetch your portfolio, and then we can give a quote to you. You can then follow the mutual fund lien process through our lending partners, and get money in 5 mins.

What kind of funds can I pledge?

You can pledge any kind of equity and debt mutual fund which is stored in your demat account. We support any combination of pledged funds. However, please note that tax saving fund units with a date of purchase less than 3 years (not matured) are not eligible for the loan.

What would be my credit limit?

We can give upto 45% value of your equity mutual funds, and 80% value of your debt mutual funds.

What would be the interest rate?

We charge an interest rate between 10-11% per annum.

Can I choose any date for my monthly loan repayment?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose when you want to repay. The loan against mutual funds credit line facility provides 100% flexibility for principal repayment in. After the month ends, only the interest needs to be repaid. .

What happens if my portfolio drops in value?

We will inform you when we expect your portfolio value to drop below the required amount. You can either repay the loan or pledge more funds to maintain the margin if it actually happens.

Loan Against Stocks

How can I apply for a loan against stocks?

We are working on bringing loan against stocks to our platform.

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